How to do code for responsive mobile and PC design


Hi there
I would like to ensure that visitors coming from a mobile device are directed to my mobile version of the landing page (using unbounce’s mobile template), and visitors coming from a PC are directed to my PC version of the page.

Can anyone suggest how to do this? Is there some code I can use to direct visitors according to their device?



Hi Claire - thanks for posting!

Our Marketing Director Oli Gardner has actually posted a thread about the latest Unbounce Labs (beta) feature in regards to mobile templates and redirecting users according to device.

Please feel free to visit us here:…

I hope this achieves the kind of responsive mobile functionality that you are looking for. And as always, if you have any further questions about this, please don’t hesitate to start a discussion through the same thread in case other users have a similar inquiry.

Jacquelyn | Unbounce Customer Success


Hey Claire,

Even though you’d originally asked about forwarding visitors to a mobile specific version of your page, our Director of Product & UX posted this update outlining where we’re at with Responsive (mobile ready pages) including a video demonstration.

Check it out and please share your thoughts.


Hey all, just a quick update: We’ve moved into a closed Alpha stage with a handful of customers trying our Responsive feature out. I’ve written a blog post about our progress that you can read over on our Inside Unbounce blog…



Hey everyone!

We just moved into open Beta for our Mobile Responsive feature. For further information check out the community post below:…


Hey Everyone!

I’ve very excited to announce Mobile Responsive has officially launched! Every user now has access to the new tools enabled within the builder.

If you have any feedback let us know! We’ve love to hear it.