How to display user location on LP using Google Ads' { loc_interest_ms} and/or {loc_physical_ms}?

Hi All,

Any idea how to dynamically display user location on the page using Google’s location value track parameters?

The problem is Google passes the 7 digits location ID through the URL so this then needs to be “translated” into an actual location name that can be dynamically inserted as per the standard DKI set up.

Any ideas?


Hey @Michael_Granger,

It depends on how big of an area/country you want to cover.
The full list is HUGE so querying it might really slow down your landing page.

If it’s just a city/county you might get away with doing it through some JS, anything larger and you’ll need to create your own DB and query it upon visitosr landing on the page.

You won’t be able to use Unbounce’s DKI and would have to write your own front-end implementation.


Thanks a lot @Hristian! I’m only planning to cover US Cities. Do you reckon this would still be a problem?

Alternatively I’ve tried @Rob 's script ([How-to] Use Geotargeting to Display a Visitors Location on a Page) using both Maxmind and Geolocation DB but couldn’t get either to work.

Any idea why?