How to develop A/B Testing solution visually?


hi, i performing A/B testing on webpages .But i am unable to develop the A/B solution visually…


Hi Gopala, 

Can you clarify your question a little bit?

  • Are you trying to A/B test your landing pages or website?
  • Are you struggling to come up with test ideas?
  • Are you unable to implement the desired changes on your landing page?

Let us know and I’m sure the community here can point you in the right direction.



Do you mean you were A/B testing a control and variant page and you’re unable to make a significant enough change that’s statistically significant?

I would recommend taking a look at what exactly you’re testing. If you’re testing a button color on your page and you’re expecting the change to make your conversions go through the roof, you’ll probably end up disappointed. Small changes, smaller difference in results. Big changes, bigger difference in results (generally).


Hello Hristian,

thanks for your replay,

     we want to develop the visual editor for changes in variations of landing page on fly and we need to use those variations for spit testing, multivariate and A/B.


     as i am the beginner to this area please guide me to achieve my task.



Hi Gopala, 

It seems like you are trying to build your own tool for A/B testing. 

It’s not an impossible task but you’ll need some serious development resources in terms of skills, time and financial backing. 

This community is for Unbounce and landing page testing related questions. You’ll be better off searching for a development company that can help you build your tool. 

However, my personal advice is to give Unbounce a try. 

It is by far the best tool for designing, building and A/B testing landing pages. 



Hey Gopal,
Welcome!  I’d recommend sharing the particular URL of the landing page you are hoping to receive feedback on if you would like specific guidance.  I’m sure more than a few people in the community would be willing to give you our 2 cents worth on it.