How to Create the Faded Logo Effect

Most of my pages include what I call a Logo Bar. It’s a section that features the logos of brands that are suppliers, partners, clients, affiliates, etc. Well-known brands can create some authority by association. Here’s an example.

In the past, I would create the faded logos in Photoshop and make them compliment the color scheme of the page. Finally a “light bulb” came on and I realized this was easy to accomplish in Unbounce.

  • Place the solid black logo images in a new section.
  • Insert a box on top of the images (make sure the images do not go “inside” the box.
  • Choose a color and opacity for the box that achieves the effect you need.
  • For the section background, choose Solid Color and use the same settings as the box.
  • Preview the result and adjust the opacity as needed.

Great pro tip, Ed!

Would love to see more examples like this for inspiration.


I searched for this topic in the community and didn’t see any previous posts.

Maybe this is so simple everyone is doing it already :wink:


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