How to create multiple download buttons, enabled/disabled with checkbox?



I’m trying to create a page with three buttons, each of which downloads our software for a supported platform: Windows, MacOS, or Linux. Making the buttons work unconditionally is straightforward.

However, these buttons should only perform the download if the user has accepted the clickwrap license agreement. I’ve created a form with a single checkbox for this purpose. I’ve hidden the form submit button (i.e. covered it with a box) because I need three buttons, not one.

I’d like to have my three buttons inspect the state of the license agreement acceptance checkbox. If it’s checked, proceed with the download. If not, display some text in the page saying you have to accept the license agreement.

Can anyone point me to an example with similar logic, or explain how I could accomplish this?


  • Ted


Hi Ted,

Probably the easiest way to achieve this would be to use the built-in form submission button, and have it open the form confirmation dialog. Then, you could place the three download buttons on the form confirmation dialog, to ensure that the user only sees them once they’ve submitted the form.

The final step would be to set the checkbox to required in the form builder, which means that if the user doesn’t check the box, they’ll see a red popup message telling them that it’s required and won’t be able to submit the form.

I hope that gives you an idea of how to go forward! If anyone else in the community has ideas, feel free to chime in!