How to create dynamic image as thank-you page?

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to setup an e-voucher as thank-you page for landing page submissions. With a thank-you page, I managed to transfer value of [name] and [phone] fields to make the page looks like an e-voucher but then people need to screenshot to save to their phones.

So then I’m looking for a more practical alternative where thank-you page is a dynamic image which is download-able or will have a link to such image.

Can you take a look and tell me how can I make it happen? I’m open to pay a reasonable fee for this as well.


Hey Long! We have definitely done this in a couple campaigns, let me see if we can put some instructions together for you. Would be interested to see if anyone else has done this in the wild :eyes:



Hi Jess excited to know this!

I’m very grateful to have your team’s input here.

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Hi @Long_Nguyen

I put together a working example for you. Check the first section of this page:

Click on the Print button and it will download a PDF file with just the sample voucher for you.
Is this what you are looking for?
Let me know and I’ll post the instructions.



Hi @Long_Nguyen ! I was able to find a bit of documentation for what kind of tools we used for this, if you’re open to trying it out.

Cloudinary has some tutorials here that are really helpful, depending on your comfort level with some custom scripts.

That solution that @Malik shared is great as well, let me know if either of these are what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


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Hi Jess,

This’s very helpful. I think my question should be resolved by now.

Thanks a lot for the support from you and Malik!

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