How to create a newsletter yes/no signup field that sends value of 1 IF yes/ticked to Salesforce


We have bene using the salesforce integration successfully on a few pages and our marketing team want to add a new field to each of the webforms in our landing pages that allows the visitor to say yes or no to ALSO signing up to our newsletter. We need the response to then populate our ‘newsletter’ field in salesforce. So in order for the integration to work the field in the landing page needs to be IF Yes = 1 (1 being the value for yes in our newsletter field in salesforce).

I haven’t worked out how this is possible (because if left unticked the value to send would be No = 0). And I cannot work how to include data values to the user values that a visitor sees, versus what needs to be posted to Salesforce.

The only way in my mind so far to achieve this is create another field in salesforce that excepts a text value of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and so the field in the landing page sends to this other field, which then through a workflow rule updates our existing newsletter field.

Does anyone have similar challenges and have solved them in a more eloquent way than I can think of?


We are interested in this, along with full two way integration with SalesForce.

That is, we want to create a closed loop marketing campaign, that uses SalesForce to generate emails and tracks responses from Unbounce.

Is this possible?


This one’s a bit tricky since it can’t be supported natively but there is a workaround that should do the trick. Because Salesforce requires either “1” or “0” as the value here, your best bet is to use radio buttons instead of a check box.

When you design the radio buttons, set their values to 1 & 0:

Then, float two text boxes near the appropriate radio button so your visitors only see “yes” or “no” and another textbox with an appropriate customer facing field label:

That should do the trick.

Do you want to give it a go Jennifer and let us know how it pans out?


Hey Steve - for now, our Salesforce integration can only send leads from Unbounce into Salesforce. However, it might be possible for you to send over a hidden field value that could be used segment your leads and trigger an email campaign. Would that do the trick?


Thanks Ryan, I wouldn’t have thought of that!

What I did in the meantime is to create a custom drop down with yes and no values that mapped to its own independent field in salesforce (we called it unbounce newsletter subscriber). Then as we have the option of WFR created a flow for IF ‘unbounce newsletter subscriber’ = yes then update Newsletter field to Yes.

I think we’re going to stick with this - this being the drop down as it saves more space on the landing page itself, rather than 2 radio buttons. I’ll remember this though for future ‘hidden’ fields. Thanks!