How to Create a New Event


Hosting an event in the near future? Let the Community know here!

Whether it be an in person meet-up, or an online hangout, we’ve made the process of hosting an event super easy for all.

NOTE: All event listings must contain the following information:

  • the event post must be posted with the following title structure: City • Date • Event Name
    (if any of these are unknown at the time of posting please use TBA and update as necessary)

  • a brief description of the event

  • the URL to an event page outside of the Unbounce community, or an email address to contact event organizer

  • the event location, date and time

  • and indication as to whether or not this a free or paid event

Please do not use this as a way to gain extra views, likes or leads for your business.

Note: Event posts that do not adhere to the above will be removed.


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Thanks for the copy @digibomb! This looks much better. :wink: