[How-to] Create a Collapsible Page Section

Looking for the same hack. Has anyone gotten to add multiple collapsible sections?

Thanks in advance!

Hola buenas tardes, me gustaria saber como replicar esto y tener varias secciones plegables dentro de mi Landing Page,

les agradeceria mucho su ayuda. :smile:

Hi, I’m having the same issue…
Someone managed to resolve this?

lowkey frustrating that this is a script from 2017 that still gets views and comments to this day and most of them are with a problem that no one from Unbounce seems able to adress or help with:
Multiple collapsing sections.
I myself thought this would be a great add for a FAQ yet it did not work, as duplicating the script only overwrite the variables.
I work with C# so i’m not familiar with a lot of syntaxes of javascript. Are there an equivalent of arrays?
These workarounds should be built using whatever is the java equivalent of arrays, so that they can easily scale by letting the user only change the size of the array and dumping in all the needed IDs.
This is the third “workaround” script i’ve found where I wanted to use on multiple elements and wasn’t able to.

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I understand the frustration.
I’ve stopped trying and now i use lightbox.
You create the question you want and you had a transparent button to lightbox (containing only the link) over your question. this way you’re not limited by the design restriction of the button.
Only limitation, is the number of light box (20) and the more you add, the slower the builder will get (at least for me).

Hey everyone,

I have been looking for a solution here and in other forums, but none of them gave me the solution I needed.

Most scripts don’t work well with the absolute positioning of the Unbounce sections.
After hours of search and hours of testing, I have created a version that does work very nicely with Unbounce.

I was thinking to keep it for myself, but then I decided to offer it for a small price for everyone who really needs this feature. Here is the link https://gum.co/tUiUf and use the code ‘earlybird’.

Contact me there if you need any modifications or help with the implementation.

Does this javascript get pasted in the Head, Before Body, or After Body?

@Peter_Czepiga, select the option ‘Before body End Tag’ for the javascript

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