How to: create 2-step signup (email on page, name on lightbox)


I’d love to create a hybrid between on-page and on-lightbox signup form, basically a 2-step signup where the email field is on the landing page, and when visitor submit it, a lightbox comes up and asks for first name with second button (followed by confirmation LB).

Ideally, the email would be submitted to aweber also if second step is abandoned, but optional.

Does anyone happen to know of a script or easy way to accomplish this?

Thanks a bunch!

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Hey Rasmus, cool question! Here’s a short video with one approach to this:


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Yay, thank you so much for helping with this simple solution and great instruction video!

I will try it right now and report back.

One question:
In the end you said to have a different integration on the second page. Is that needed, or optional, and I can use the same aweber integration on both pages?

Thanks again!

Yeah, you should be able to use the same integration on both. IT all depends on what you want to happen with the lead data from step 1 and step 2.


What I want to happen is in effect the same as if it was done in regular 1-step signup: to add name and email to the according aweber list

Just keep in mind that on step 2, if you have the hidden field with the email address in there, that email is going to get added to the list again. You might be able to set it to only trigger once inside AWeber with a rule or automation. Not sure of the specifics inside Aweber. It’s been years since I used it.