How to convert Unbounce landing page into email template?


We created a landing page with Unbounce but we would also like an e-mail template version of it to use with Mailchimp. We want to send out e-mails to our current clients with the landing page as the e-mail?

Any easy way to accomplish this?


We would love this functionality as well.


Hi guys - email templates are a beast of their own and the code produced in Unbounce isn’t optimized for email. You could try building a simple page in Unbounce then copying the source code over to MailChimp but I can’t say for sure if the page would display exactly as you’d hope.

There’s a feature request thread for this topic at… so if you like, hope over there and hit the +1 button to add your vote to the mix.


How about providing the PSD’s for the Unbounce Page Templates?