How to Change email form fields


Is there a way to change the “From” field in the email that is sent to me when a visitor fills out the form. Currently it says “Unbounce Notification”, I would like it to be the visitors name.




Just going to chime in here and mention that you could try using our WebHook and tweaking the sample PHP script that we have to do this yourself. You can read up about that here:…

I’m still going to reiterate what Carl said though - there is a very good chance that changing the “From” address is going to result in dropped deliverability, so I wouldn’t rely on this as the only way to be notified of new leads.


We use Wufoo forms for most of our Unbounce pages which makes customizing the from fields simple.


Hi Steve! There’s no way to do that right now, and I’m not entirely sure that’s something we could support. Email deliverability is a big issue these days, and getting the “from” address just right is a big piece of that. Using the visitor’s address in the “from” would likely reduce the deliverability of your notifications, which means they might end up in your spam folder, or not get delivered at all.

I completely understand why you’d want this, I just don’t think we can safely offer it as a feature!