How to capture social media interaction results from the contest page?


It doesn’t look like users are forced to like or tweet my app in order to submit. (, using the social contest template). That’d be ok, if the data seemed to track whether the user had liked/tweeted, but I don’t see that either. Is there a way to capture that easily? Ideally, I’d like their twitter id as well, so I can follow them.


Hi Jeff,
Sadly, it’s a manual process. I’ve been searching for a solution to allow tracking of this - but right now the email is the only enforceable element - the rest are suggestive.

You can track the tweets by doing a search on Twitter and capturing screenshots for record keeping - and follow people from the search results (but that is a manual process).

Facebook is worse - there’s no real way that I know of to keep a good handle on this.

Another option is to use or which forces the tweet in exchange for something (which could be an ebook etc. or contest entry code that they could then send you).

Sorry it’s not a more complete solution.