How to avoid setting up CNAME


I see that it is good internet “etiquette” to point my root domain to unbounce so that my custom domain looks “right” to the person on the internet.  I’m not really a tech person, but ok.  Thing is, I was excited about unbounce because I thought I wouldn’t need to work with any of my in house IT people to make this happen.  Sure, connecting the cname seems like a small deal, but I assure you that here it is not.  Can I not use this method to set up the custom domain?  It is not possible to simply allow unbounce to host the custom domain and have a button link on the landing page to the root domain?  Thank you.


Hi Kelly,

So I’m afraid, as usual in this business, the answer is a little more complicated than yes or no. 

Short version: No, Unbounce don’t host the domain. You can use the default and leave the page there so you don’t have to setup a CNAME but…

You really don’t want to do this, it will have an impact in a lot of areas and will also put barriers in your way in various places for the following areas: SEO, PPC, Digital Analytics, Customer Trust and that’s just for starters. Would you trust a landing page/proposition if you notice that it’s not even using the companies own domain name? 

If you’d like me to elaborate I’d be happy to give you the long version but the TLDR, a workaround is possible but you’re going to hurt your conversions and performance and give yourself more stress than bribing your I.T team with donuts and waiting for the CNAME to be setup.

Hope that helps, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.