How to automatically serve up a white paper PDF after form submit


Hi Unbounce team,

How do I get Unbounce to automatically serve up a white paper PDF (or email it to the email address provided in the lead-gen form) after the form is submitted?




Hi Jayson - for now the options are to host the whitepaper yourself or to use a third party service to host it for you.

Dropbox has worked well for some folks:

There are a few file hosting services out there but some of them will cost you a few dollars or get in the way of your conversion by presenting your customers with ads, etc. so thats something to watch-out for.

We realize whitepapers and other ‘downloadables’ are important tools for lead gen’ and we’re looking at ways in which we can support this stuff much better in the near future.

Many thanks for the question.


Hey Jason,

Thanks for the quick response. Let’s say I use dropbox. How can I automatically redirect the user to the PDF file (stored in dropbox) after the user submits the form? ie, where is the “Redirect to after form submit” option within the editor?

In addition, does Unbounce support a “thank you for registering” or similar page on which I could include the link to the PDF?


Hi Jayson - if you select the form in the editor and then go to the ‘Properties’ tab and find the ‘Form Confirmation’ section, you will find a pulldown menu that will allow you to either

a) send the visitor to a url of your choice (could be the url of your Dropbox file or another Unbounce page - if you want to do an elaborate confirmation page for example - or to somewhere entirely different) or…

b) display a simple confirmation message when they submit (type the message you want to display in the text box under the pulldown.)

If you decide to make a second Unbounce page to act as your confirmation you can include a button on that page that links to your whitepaper.

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much, I really appreciate your help!


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