How to add unbounce pages to my sitemap?


Unbounce sitemaps, I currently host on hubspot and have no way of adding my unbounce pages to the site map. I have the ability to write a site map manually but can’t host it on my website?

Our product pages are hosted on unbounce so I really need them to be listed?


Hi there!

Unbounce is committed to building a platform for landing pages used in non-organic marketing campaigns. We currently don’t offer the ability to add your Unbounce pages to your website’s sitemap.

Typically you’d publish your Unbounce landing pages to a subdomain of your site, and use those pages for your PPC, email, social, webinar, ebook campaigns etc.

Your homepage is generally still meant to be it’s own thing. For example, our homepage ( is powered by WP, but we use or own tool Unbounce for landing pages. For every marketing campaign we run we drive a portion of  traffic to a dedicated, stand-alone landing page. An example would be

PS I’ve opened up a support ticket so I can better learn how you’re driving traffic to your landing pages! Check your email!


Ok, no worries Lou, thanks for the feedback.

We do use it for landing pages but also using it for some of our product pages which is where the problem is!

I am assuming also that we can only use unbounce with a sub domain as the main website address is hosted on a different site?

Thanks very much!