How to add unbounce pages to a wordpress site?


keen to add my unbounce pages to a wordpress site? advice would be excellent.


Why has this question not been answered? I have been using unbounce for about 12 months and the majority of my clients have wordpress sites so I think I am going back to leadpages which makes it very simple to integrate a landing page into a wordpress site.

I understand that unbounce makes additional revenue from custom domains so this might not be what you would like to do but this is a very popular feature so it will be probably be the difference between staying and going. Please advise.


Hey Gavin - I’m sorry to hear you’re frustrated!

I addressed this question over here. Unbounce uses Wordpress too, but we drive traffic to our landing pages separately. If they were under our main website, they’d get lost amongst the noise. A website is like an airport. It takes in traffic from so many different sources. Like an airport, a website is a great destination point, but there are too many paths/launch points you can take.

That said, we can completely understand the need for this - especially for agencies and designers working on behalf of clients! I’ve added a +1 for this on our product roadmap.


Hi Tom!
This is about to get  much easier  for you, since we have just officially released a  Wordpress Integration  which you can start using today! Check out the announcement and install the plugin to get started. We also have over 125 WordPress-ready templates. See how easy it is to build a landing page for Wordpress!