How to add Scripts to the "Thank You" Page?


How can I insert an AdWords Conversion tracking code (or any other code) to track conversions in the LP’s thank you page? It will help me improve my campaigns.



We have done exactly as Justin says, but that way AdWords counts every Pageview of the Landing Page as a conversion. It seems that there is no “Thank You” Page after the form submission on the LP, just a Dialogue Box appears without any change of URL.

So I will ask the same question in a different way: Is there a possibility to create a Thank You Page, that appears after the submission, where we could install the AdWords tracking script, and if not, then how can we track the conversions in AdWords?



Hi Boyan,
Sorry for the confusion on this. We are currently working on a feature that allows for very simple creation of form “thank you” pages - for now an easy way around this is to create a second page in Unbounce and link to it from the form.

To do so, select your form and in the right-hand properties column, select the “Form Confirmation” panel and choose “Go To URL” in the drop down like this:

In the URL field, put the link to the second Unbounce page you’ve made. That second page is where you can use Justin’s instructions above, and drop your Google Adwords conversion script into the “Scripts” option.

Does that help? We’re aiming to make this process simpler in the near future - please let me know if you have any problems implementing it.



Ok I think that will help, thanks for the fast reply.



No problem Boyan, let me know if that doesn’t solve your issue.



This would be a very relevant feature UB-team!
Think… etc that;

  1. has landing page registration form,
  2. thankyou page with PDF download

__/__/2010_= what priority horizon of this build?


Hi Andrew,

We are currently working on the functionality you describe. It is almost complete and will be released shortly pending some testing.





Is the testing stage over yet?


I’d love to put this in place too.


Hey Andres,
We are working on a new feature where you’ll be able to have total control over a form’s “thank you” page, but for now the best way is to create a separate page, publish it and use this new page as the form’s Confirmation URL. This way you can include your adwords conversion tracking code in the Thank You page that you created with unbounce.

To set this up, open up your main page in the editor, and with your form selected, you’ll see there is a properties panel called “Form Confirmation”:

Select “Go to URL” from the dropdown menu and put the URL to the new page you created in the URL field.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions!


Hi Andres,

If you click on the Scripts button in the toolbar it will open a dialog titled Manage Scripts. From here you can paste in your tracking script and specify whether it should be place in the just after the opening tag or just before the closing tag depending on the instructions provide by Google for AdWords Conversion tracking. Normally this is before the body closing tag for Google scripts.


Hey guys, sorry this thread was neglected for so long - forms on an Unbounce page can now (and have been able to for a while) open a “Form Confirmation Dialog” which is essential an iframe that opens in an overlay window on the same page as the form. This allows you to add custom scripts and (for 3rd party conversion tracking) as well as include a button to download a PDF or any other document.

Follow these instructions to offer a file download from your thank you page:…

Hope that helps answer some questions!