How to add padding to text box


Hi, Im a Unbounce newbie wondering what is the best practice for adding padding to a text box? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Hello @frnkr!

When you click on your text box, scroll down to the bottom of your properties panel and grab the ID in the element meta data.
Use this in a stylesheet - here is an example!:

#lp-pom-text-289 {
   padding: 10px;

Hope this helps!


Hey Frank,

Do you mean adding CSS padding?

Since Unbounce is a drag-and-drop builder the easiest way to get the visual style you want is to select your text box and use the sides or corners and drag them to fit how you prefer.


That was fast. :slight_smile: I actually already tried to add it via CSS (both class and ID) but it didn’t work. :confused:


Maybe try to declare it as important?

#lp-pom-text-289 {padding: 10px important!;}


Well, I didn’t notice that I need to add <style> tag…and I feel a bit dumb now… :stuck_out_tongue: thanks anyways! :heart:


Easy miss for a “newbie”!
Sometimes I wish the style tags were already there! #feature-requests


that’s actually strange if it’s anyways mandatory… +1 for that feature!!