[How-to] Add Buy Buttons and Shopping Cart in Unbounce for direct LP Sales

Hey folks! :grin:

So, I’m sharing this with the Unbounce community hoping to get feedback from users and marketers more experienced with landing pages than my humble self.

A little context and disclaimer: I work at Snipcart, an HTML/JS shopping cart platform (located in Québec City, MTL’s little cousin city). We received a few requests to integrate our product with Unbounce. Potential users wanted to use it to enable and experiment with direct sales on their Unbounce pages. Most of them were, like me, more digital marketers than technically experienced developers.

Before adding such a native integration to our roadmap, I tried validating the value of the idea with a “manual integration” tutorial (published on our blog). Turns out it’s not that complicated to make both solutions work. SO, here’s what I’d like to know: does this type of LP e-commerce workflow make sense for you guys? How could it be improved?

How to Install in Unbounce

Click Here for Instructions

Download the full instructions here


Looking forward to hearing what y’all think about this!

Personal PS: Anyone of y’all working from Southeast Asia by any chance? Leaving pretty much right now for a 6 months remote working trip over there! :airplane: Would love to meet fellow marketers.



François this is AAAAAMMMAAAZING!!!

This is going to be so handy to many of our customers, I can’t wait to hear how this is implemented. @Unbounce-Experts, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as well :relaxed:

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Bonjour from Montréal @the_fln! This is huge! I am really looking forward to offering this to our customers. Thank you so much for sharing.


Hey @Stefano! :wave:

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Snipcart + Unbounce workflow if you end up trying it out for yourself/clients. You can reach me at any times here or at francois@snipcart.com.

If it gets traction, we might just do something more official about it, who knows. :slight_smile:


WOWOWOW… @the_fln :explodyparrot_1: As I think I understand this I can do a custom eCommerce transactions on Unbounce pages. And the cost of Snipcart comes from a % of the transaction. So I don’t need to have my clients pay for the platform separately? Lot’s of great use cases for this!


@Joe_Savitch Thanks for dropping by! As of right now your clients would need a Snipcart account for this set up to work with Unbounce. So, yeah, Snipcart will require a CC for us to charge our % on monthly transactions!

Am I making sense or did I misunderstood the question?

Let me know. :v: