[How to] Add an Image/Testimonial Carousel in Unbounce Using A Box Widget

Hey @Rob The on-click function is good, but I need both, auto swap + on click. Any help pls?

Hey @Rob, Thank you for any quick help.

Hey @Rob I’m having some issues on my page too. Would you give it a quick look?

a) Every time I click the left or right button the images get overlapped

b) Can I put instead of a botton with left/right an image?

Would you have any suggestions?


Hi @Roberto_Bolanos,

You are also calling the script twice. Once to auto-rotate and once with the left/right navigation buttons.

Leave only one of the two.


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Hi @Wrik_Sengupta unfortunately I haven’t created a version of this script that combines both the auto and click functionality. Sorry about that! I’m sure it’s possible to combine the two, but would require some Javascript knowledge. If you’re looking for something with more options in terms of controls you might have better luck embedding a third party carousel using the html widget.

thank you really much! works very nice :slight_smile:

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Hey @Rob, I can’t seem to get the carousel working on my page, and not sure where I’m going wrong. Would you mind taking a look? (Bottom of the page, under “WHAT CUSTOMERS


Any help much appreciated! Thank you.



@Hristian thanks for the help, this is my last question on this topic

On this landing page the carousel dissapears when I installed the fading sticky bar script. How can i make both work together?


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Roberto_Bolanos,

Both scripts are making use of certain effects (fadeIn, fadeOut, etc.) which is causing the break.

I don’t have a fix since I haven’t looked into it much but should be possible to fix given some time to adjust the scripts.


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Hi @Alister,

I would start by cleaning out the multiple jQuery libraries and only loading the required one for that script - 2.2.4


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Thank you very much, I dont´want to offend you in any way, but can I hire you to fix this as a freelancer?

if not please let me know what I might do :slight_smile:


I was wondering, if I have multiple auto carousels, do I need a separate javascript for each one? Or is it possible to have multiple items in one javascript?


Thanks so much @Hristian!