[How to] Add an Image/Testimonial Carousel in Unbounce Using A Box Widget


It is an Unbounce landing page.


We are an Unbounce enterprise customer and my Customer Success Manager referred me to this script for the testimonial section of the landing page.


Hi @Joey-ITVibes,

Maybe you had another link in mind for the landing page because the one you’ve provided is certainly not an Unbounce landing page.




It was a matter of an underscore vs. a hyphen. I updated the link in the original post. It should be https://www.aquascapespools.com/channel/custom_pools/ I apologize for the confusion.


It seems the testimonials are working as expected now.


Hi — does anyone know how to use the box widget with three buttons. E.g. click on button 1 and it shows image 1 in carousel, click button 2 and it shows image 2 etc… Thanks!


Hi @Rob

I have two carousels on my page - 1 for desktop (click) and 1 for mobile (timed).

I’ve tried timed and click for mobile, but I could not get either to work.

Can you please help?

Link - http://unbouncepages.com/basketballhq-all-groups-experts-page/

I receive this error message for the script - https://goo.gl/yzSbFR

Also, where should the script be placed? - Head, Before Body End Tag, After Body Tag? I think updating the instructions to include the placement would be beneficial.



Upon inspecting view-source:http://unbouncepages.com/auto-element-cycle/, I see that the jquery code needs to be placed in the Head while everything else should be placed after the body tag.


Hi @josh360 yep that’s correct. The error in your screenshot points to the issue being that the code is executing in the browser before jQuery loads on the page. Loading jQuery in the head should fix this for you as it will ensure it’s loaded before the script fires on the page. Did loading jquery in the head fix it for you?


Yes, thanks for the quick reply.

If the instructions don’t already mention the placements, it may be wise to update them (timer and click) to account for those steps.



Hello, I have been trying to solve the error for 2 days, in the mobile view, my buttons are shown at the top of the page and should be located in the section (blue bg) “ASSIST 365 brinda una cobertura a medida: para cada viajero, en cada viaje” under the container box, What will be the problem? I have reviewed the code 1,000 times without success… HELP PLEASE