[How to] Add an Image/Testimonial Carousel in Unbounce Using A Box Widget

@Rob Can you give us a script which has buttons for each testimonial, like if there are 10 testimonials so we have 10 small dots below the carousel and if user clicks on any one of them then that testimonial comes up. Example clicking on 6th dot among 10 dots testimonial #6 is shown right away.

@Rob is there any way to use both the auto and click functions so that if it auto switches to fast a visitor could use buttons to go back to the last box they were looking at?

Hi folks, looking for help. My carousel auto-cycle was working past few days. However it stopped cycling today. Can anyone guide me as to what I need to fix? Much appreciated!

Web page: www.jake.sg
Carousel Box ID: lp-pom-box-378

Hey! Is there a way to add multiple carousels to a page? particularly auto cycle.

I am seeing this when I implement the carroussel script at the bottom of my landing page… any idea what could cause this? I have implemented the auto script and the on click script on the same page.

Hi @Rob, I tried implementing this on click carousel using a series of videos in each box, but it doesn’t seem to work. Do you have any suggestions for creating a video carousel?

Hello All!
I have used this on-click slider for my landing page and it works great on my desktop version.
However on my mobile version I’d like to be able to swipe left/right (with my fingers) instead of having to click on a button to go from one testimonial to the next. This slider doesn’t seem to have that option.

Do you have a solution or code to add here? Or maybe recommend another slider that can do what I need?

Can you help me? Thank you!

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Hi Rob, I do everything step by step as per your instructions, and it does not work. Can you help?

Is it possible for this script to work for the full width of browser window? I would like my banner hero images to be browser width. Thank you.

Hey all,

I’ve set up 3 on-click carousels on my page and confirmed with HubSpot that were set up correctly. However, when I look at the live page, the carousel’s appear in completely randomized orders.

By default, it should display the carousel slides in the order in which they are nested. But, they aren’t even sequential in my case.

Anyone have an idea why this might be happening? I’m thinking it may have to do with the fact that I’ve got multiple carousels on the page?


Hi! can I do it in multiple sections of a page?

Thanks … @UnbounceTechTeam - do you have any solutions that might be able to help me fix the issue i’m having with my carousel slider slides displaying in completely randomized orders?


I made a testimonial slider that works within the Unbounce web editor because my clients found it difficult to edit the testimonials in the code editor block.

I would like to share this with the community, and because I would like to give support and keep improving it, I’m offering it here.

I’m building a carousel in order to create an animation effect. But for some reason the carousel is working backwards. Can’t for the life of me understand why. I’ve tried moving slides foward and back and the issue continues! Can someone help?

Thank you!!