How to add accordian to the landingpage?


Hey guys I just wanted to add this accordian to my landing page?

I am a novice when it comes to injecting CSS and Javascript and HTML
codes onto a landing page.


the website address for the code is below…


Everything I’ve ever seen on accordion say they should be avoided:


Also, Unbounce has a fixed height layout, so you can’t dynamically change page/section length. You can add an accordion, but as you click through the sections, it won’t stretch the page to fit.


Hi Vihang, 
Phillip is right - both about the accordion not being recommended, and that we can’t exactly support it at this time. If this is something that you’d like to see built into the app, let me know and I’ll change this to an ‘Idea’ so that others can vote on it as well. 
Hope this helps!


Definitely something we need added to Unbounce. A FAQ section is best used as an accordion. Do you support anything similar?


Hi Andy, 

You can definitely add an accordion to your page for an FAQ section but you need to keep the height of it fixed.

You might be able to get away with adjusting the height if its the last section of your page. Here is link to another thread that discusses how to go about doing it:

Alternatively you might want to look into accordions and tabs (horizontal/vertical) with a fixed height. It might not work for your particular use case, depending on the length of your content but never the less just some ideas you can try: 


2. ; ;



Try an accordion where the height stays nearly the same by collapsing the other siblings when a new one is opened.


Hi Hristian!!

I found this topic about accordions on a Landing Page, and would like to try this. Unfortunately the code that @Vihang_Sharma shared in the first comment has some HTML and I’m confused trying to do it in Unbounce.
Could someone please help me out with the JS for Unbounce?

I’d appreciate it so much <3 thanks in advance


Hi @ibrudap,

Implementing 3rd party code in an Unbounce page can be tricky and time consuming.

If you are absolutely sure you want to implement an accordion on your landing page reach out to me in a DM.



There are so many threads on this topic and no good answers so here you go - adding an accordian FAQ section can totally be done if you pull code from here: A few pointers:

  1. Create a new section in your Unbounce page.
  2. Drag out an HTML widget and double click to edit
  3. Copy everything in the link above that is between the tags and save.
  4. Open a new javascript and save everything from the link above from between the tags. Choose as your placement and save.
  5. Optional - you can start a new CSS stylesheet and override the default accordian styles. Use Chrome inspector to find the elements you want to target.

This is a fixed height page element but it can be made two work well if you keep the amount of text in each FAQ about the same. Not perfect, but doesn’t totally suck either. I agree with other comments here that Unbounce should find an elegant solution to this and add it as default functionality in the editor.