[How to] Add A Stripe Checkout On Your Landing Pages

Hi there!

Feel free to reach me directly through DM. I’ll need your landing page URL :slight_smile:

Usually this happens because you may have not whitelisted your domain.


Stripe documentation super helpful with updated interface instructions: https://stripe.com/docs/payments/checkout/client

Thanks so much for this tutorial, @Stefano and @Jonathan! Just what I was looking for :+1:

I installed it and got it working, but for some reason after completing the test transaction, it kicks me back to the initial landing page after a few second delay on where I want people to land.

I setup a test here: https://backers.reduxwatch.com/restest

After the test Stripe transaction it directs me to the correct success page at: https://launch.reduxwatch.com/epic

But then the browser suddenly redirects to this link?! :astonished:

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

Hi Elbert!

Can you confirm there are no redirects on your success page? It appears there is a redirect set up on https://launch.reduxwatch.com/epic.

Hi @Stefano, thank you for checking into this!

Yeah, I don’t know why that redirect is happening, or where it’s coming from! :astonished: I gave up for now and disconnected the Kickoff Labs bit for now.

I’m trying to add a conversion tracking goal to the Stripe transaction but I don’t see how I can add the Facebook pixel to the transaction.

Best I could figure out is using the external conversion goal and I just pasted the code snippet into my Shopify success page — same root domain.

Will that work?

In the documentation there’s a link to a Chrome extension Unbounce External Conversion Assistant to ensure that the script is firing properly, but now the extension is dead? @Jess or anyone have a lead on that extension, please?

The only alternative I see is this one: Unbounce Page Lookup — and I see Stefano’s smile on the preview! Is this the same one or replacing the Unbounce one?

Thanks so much!

Hi there!

As long as the success page is on the same domain, you will be good to go.

The Unbounce Page Lookup is my favourite plugin, so make sure to install that for quick edit access to your landing pages.

I do have the Unbounce External Conversion assistant, but you’re right, it is throwing an error for me on the Google Chrome Extension page. Perhaps @Jess can investigate :mag:

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Looking into this now! :running_woman: I’ll update when I hear something

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Thanks, Stefano! I installed it!

… and I’m back! This is a known issue and our developers are currently working on a fix. They’ve removed the chrome extension from our documentation until it’s back up and running (at which point they’ll add it back).

Thanks for flagging that! I’ll keep y’all posted once everything is back to normal! Hopefully it’s resolved quickly.

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Thanks Jess!

Hi @Stefano , thanks again to you and your team for this script. It’s great!

It just went live a few days ago and appears to be running smoothly except one thing. Unbounce seems to be missing some of the conversions.

We’ve had 70+ conversions, but Unbounce has only registered 49 for some reason. Am I missing something with my implementation? (https://backers.reduxwatch.com/thank-you).

Thanks again!


I’ve created a subscription product in my stripe account, unfortunately, the reference video seems to be outdated.

I can’t use the “standard client account” as this doesn’t allow for subscriptions or coupons, I’m completely stuck.

I’ve talked to another developer I’ve worked with in the past, he was talking about creating an API but is not familiar with unbounce (this doesn’t make me feel confident in utilizing him).

Is there any guidance you can give or suggestions with whom to utilize to accomplish what I need done?

Hi Elbert! This might be a great question to run through support - i’m not entirely sure what may be causing your discrepancy here.

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Hi Ron, you’re absolutely right. When we recorded these instructions the product was still in Beta. We’ll make a point to update these in the next few days.

To address your question regarding subscription / promo codes, it appears that Stripe Checkout may not be able to support promo codes at this time - but I am unsure if subscription products would work. If they don’t, you may need to set up stripe using the more traditional method. It would require some development work to have this set up on your landing pages, including hosting some files on your server.

If you can give my team a few days, we’ll re-record these steps, and and the same time we’ll see if we can get this working on subscription-type products.

Thanks, @Stefano.

@Jess Any ideas what’s going on here? Missing conversions issue continues to persist (55 missed). Kinda messing with my numbers. Want to start running some paid traffic, but worried tracking will be thrown off by this bug. Thank you!