[How To] Add A Multi-Step Form 2.0

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Hi Caroline,

I’ve tried implementing your code on my form but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be implementing to the form when I preview it.

Would anyone be able to assist me here on what I may be doing wrong?


Hi Caroline,

Thank you for sharing!

I tried implementing it and nothing happens. I had no issues with the original script, but when switching to yours it doesn’t seem to have nay effect. Any idea why?

Thank you!

I’d love to know if anyone can help. We’ve been using the form and it’s great. But over the last several weeks, we’ve been noticing that some users, primarily on mobile or tablet, are clicking the next button and getting stuck. It’s not doing anything. It happens randomly and we can’t seem to recreate it on any of our devices but we are watching screen record videos of people trying to click the next button with no luck. It usually happens on the first button but can also happen anywhere later in the process. Any thoughts on what we can do to fix this?

Hello @daniestrada11.
Can you share the url of your LP so we can see what’s happening ?
I’m not an expert in JS but me or someone else from the community leaders may find something

@julien_level , Thanks! The page I’ve been working on is: https://talcum.global-settlements.org/clp10/

We haven’t been able to recreate the error, nor has the Unbounce team. It seems to happen randomly, mostly on mobile devices. If anyone is willing to take a look, I’d appreciate it!

Hey @daniestrada11,

Two things come to mind…

  1. It might be possible that the JS for the multi-step form didn’t execute on time and that basically broke the form.

  2. Mobile devices tend to have a higher adoption of ad/content blockers. Since you can’t replicate the issue, it’s quite possible the JS for the multi-step form was blocked all together hence rendering the form inoperable.


Hi, I actually found a different version of this script here Multi-Field, Multi-Step Form 🔥 and it worked for me.

Good luck!

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I’m trying to create a multi-step form. I created one successfully but can’t integrate the features I need. The form I was able to create allows one field per step. I was hoping to group fields together that way there won’t be too many fields to fill in. Instead of pressing next 7 times a user would just click next once and click submit to our custom thank you page.

I would like to create a form similar to what Tony Robbins uses. Sample here.

I run a tutoring business so the form would be something like this:
Step 1 - Parent Info
First Name
Last Name

Go To Step 2 button

Step 2 - Student Info
Student Name
Grade Level

Schedule Date & Time button

Anyone have any idea how to implement this? I’d like a progress bar to show as well. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hello homeschool,

Try this script:

Thank you for sharing. I got it to work finally but now for some reason, the emails are not being recognized. This is the error I’m getting “Email not present in form submission”. In the meantime, I set Zapier to add emails to Mailchimp since the native Mailchimp + Unbounce integration isn’t working for me. Any ideas on a fix?

Can you share with us the URL of the LP ?

Was able to resolve the issue. Had to add validation to the fields. Thanks for the help.

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