How to add a Javascript photogrid like Masonry


Hi all,
Im hoping to have my images appear in a nice way by using something like Masonry to achieve this effect.

I can do basic coding and follow a tutorial but can’t seem to find one.
Does anybody have any advice? (im open to alternatives).

Many thanks,


Hey @db123 yes masonry is very beautiful I use it often on web projects outside of Unbounce. I am curious why6 you need in Unbounce though?

With the drag and drop page builder you can easily bring in images and place them however you want on desktop an mobile. No need for masonry.


i see your point - it’s more about the way they appear which I think reflects really nicely on the brand.


Hmmm … still not really following.You can create collages of images of any shape and size. Its about mapping it out and slicing them in photoshop. Masonry is not perfect either :slight_smile:

But that being said you should be able to integrate masonry if you want. It will takes some testing and clever js modification. I’ve not done it before.

Perhaps one of these fine folks @Unbounce-Experts may be able to help?

This may do the trick