How to add a Download File Button on Landing Page?


Looking for a way to place a Download File button on a regular landing page without having to use a form and a form confirmation dialogue page. There is talk in the Old Forum of using a dropbox link, but some of the links to an explanation of how this works in the old forum are broken or go to pages that don’t exist anymore.

I tried using a dropbox link but it is not working - looks like there is additional info added to the front of the the URL for the dropbox link I inserted on the button.

Any direction on this would be great. Thx.


Hi @BHaskin,

I wrote the original post on the old community forum.

Here are the missing instructions for Dropbox:

  1. Upload the files to a folder in your Dropbox account.
    If you’ll be using a single button for all files keep in mind the .zip file will have the name of the folder, so you’ll want it to be meaningful.
  2. Once all the files are uploaded, generate a share link for each file or folder.
  3. At the end of the link add “?dl=1” (You might already have the parameter dl=0. Just change the 0 to 1)

Let us know if that helps you.



Hi @Hristian, thank you for the quick response. Much appreciated. I tried adding the “?dl=1?” to the end and I am still getting a 404 Not Found error via the link. Here is the landing page:

Here is the link I have used for the pdf file in dropbox via the green Click to Download button:

In Unbounce, I have the Action for the button set to Go To URL, I inserted the URL above, tried both clicking on not clicking the Pass Thru URL Parameters checkbox, and have the target set to open in New Window or Tab.

Here is the URL for the 404 page:

Any thoughts on what is going wrong.

Thank you.


Hi @BHaskin,

It seems that your Dropbox link got broken. It’s missing part of the URL.

You have “https/dl…” when it should be “https://dl…”