How to add a <a href tag to a unbounce button so redirects correctly?


I have a good formatted button - that i want users to click to navigate to a url.
But when i add the url to the buttons link property field and test the page the url always points to my ‘own domain’/‘the url i want’ .

How do i force it to just link directly to ‘the url i want’

Page is published here : http://landing.getelectricianquotes.c…

Ive tried all the different target options _blank, _self,_parent - what am i doing wrong?


Hey Wilhelm - That is the way we format all links on Unbounce landing pages. Doing so allows users to track button clicks as a conversion goals. Unfortunately even if you don’t mark it as a conversion we still format your links this way.

Other than appearance it doesn’t have any other effect on your links. It will redirect them all the same.

I hope that clarifies things Wilhelm!