How often does Unbounce traffic and conversion data refresh/update?


When I have landing pages running, how often does Unbounce update the data that I’m seeing for traffic and conversions? 


I have the same question.


Hi Amanda - page stats will update very close to real time. The Page Overview and All Pages display aren’t dynamic though, so if you’re already looking at one of those views, you’ll need to refresh your browser window to see any changes that occurred since you first opened the page. Anytime you open the All Pages screen or any Page Overview, you should be seeing the most up-to-date stats at that time though.


Thanks for the reply. Does that apply to conversions that take place off of the page as well? I have the Unbounce conversion tracking JavaScript on an external site. Does that update in real time as well?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey Robert - Yup, should be more or less the same speed with the external tracking as well.


Nice. Thanks! :slight_smile: