How i can upload a html o wordrpess file with


Hi This is wave i want to upload a html file or wordrpess on unbounce so can you siggest me something how i can do this…or what the way for this…

i have over 500 html +wordpress landing pages…
i am waiting for quick response…


Hi Praveen!

Thanks for reaching out! This is a great question.

It’s not possible to upload an HTML or Wordpress file into Unbounce, but you could certainly try to recreate the design using our Page Builder (although granted, this could take a bit of time, depending on your design).

Have you checked out the templates we offer, as well as the Unbounce templates that are available for purchase over at ThemeForest?…

I hope this helps, Praveen - but please reach out again if you have any further questions!


Hi Praveen,

I wanted to chime in and add to Laura’s points and share a use case.

We have hundreds of customers that use Unbounce and WordPress together. In fact, here at Unbounce our team uses both! 

We use WordPress for parts of our website and blog and we use our own product, Unbounce, for landing pages. For every marketing campaign we run, we build a landing page for it and drive a portion of our traffic to it separately.
This let’s our marketing team work fast, we don’t have to wait for our Developers to build hundreds of landing pages for us. 

More importantly , as landing pages have one clear call-to-action, it helps us improve our conversion rates and ultimately improve our marketing ROI - a HUGE win for everyone on the team! I’d highly recommend checking out this behind the scenes post on how we use landing pages in house! 

That being said, we definitely can understand use cases may vary and are scoping out the need for a Wordpress Widget.

Praveen, may we ask how you’re looking to use Unbounce? The more we can understand your marketing goals the better we’ll be able to help. Thanks in advance for sharing!


Hi We have some landing pages as well, html + css (+ php + js). Can we package them and upload to unbounce page quickly?  


Hi Lachlan, 
At this time this feature isn’t available in Unbounce. However, you should be able to recreate your pages pretty easily by using our page builder. 

Alternatively, if this is a feature you would like to see, I would recommend submitting it as an ‘idea’ so others can vote on it as well!


Can you share out any documentation on creating the .unbounce package to upload? I am fine having to create packages for my custom HTML pages, but I have specific branding that will be very challenging to recreate in your GUI tool. Not an option. Documentation on the .unbounce package creation please! :slight_smile:


Hi Nick, 
Actually, the only way to create an .unbounce file package is to create your page using the Unbounce page builder, then download that through our UI. At this point in time, there’s no way to import a pre-made design into Unbounce, but if this is something you’re interested in you can vote on that idea here:…

Would you mind letting us know which page elements will be difficult to recreate in Unbounce? Perhaps we can help give some direction on the best way to go about it. Feel free to share a link to your page! 


I would like to know if is it possible to upload a file in a form embebed in a landing created in Unbounce.

Thank you in advance


Hi Teresa, 

What form app/service are you using for the embedded form on your landing page?

The native Unbounce form builder doesn’t currently support file uploads.