How does Google Tag Manager work if placed on all pages?

I’ve integrated my GTM account with the relevant Unbounce domain names.

This is probably a stupid question but I don’t really understand how this works now. How does GTM know to use only certain triggers in my GTM account? I don’t see how I specify a tracking or trigger per my Unbounce page or domain?

Any overview on this would be helpful.


Hi @DHall,

GTM is just a tool. It won’t do anything by itself or by simply placing the container code on a page.

You can look at it as a hammer. Can it help you build a house - absolutely. Can it build the house if you just put it on the ground - not really :wink:

If you have your GTM container loading on your site/landing pages, it’s time to set up the rest of the “house” from within the GTM account.

There are plenty of free and paid GTM resources only a quick Google search away.