How do your market your product in a saturated industry?


@naturesreplies explained an interesting situation today, that I’m sure many members of our Community have experienced before, and I wanted to expand on this a bit to see how other marketers would handle this situation.

My advice is creating a strong rapport with the customer base that you have now. If you’re providing a great product, and a positive experience for your customers, they’re more likely to tell others about it. If you can’t make your advertising stand out among all the competition, make the experience stand out. Your customers will want to be stick with (and even be an ambassador for) your brand if they see that their loyalty is appreciated.

Does anyone have experience with this type of situation? I’d love to hear about it!


find your marketing niche - then market to them. :slight_smile: look into remarketing and adwords and emails, then try build a following :slight_smile: that’s my 2 cents. haha


Hi @naturesreplies,

First congrats on your new business and I know from experience that growing an eCommerce store can be a rollercoaster. There is simply so much to do and yet so little time.

Based on your initial post, you already have your secret weapon: Happy satisfied customers that keep coming back.

Now, the following recommendations are making some assumptions and you don’t have to do them all at once but never the less it would give you a solid base to amp up your marketing efforts

Landing Pages - Take advantage of the awesome Unbounce builder to create campaigns around:

  1. Sharing - Incentivise your existing customers to recommend you. Pet owners are already inclined to talk about their pups/cats/birds/etc. so tap into that. Things that you can offer (depending on your margins and current cost of acquisition):
  • Give $X and Get $X - A landing page around offering a discount on your next purchase if your current customers recommend you to their friends. Their friends would also get the same discount. You can also put limits around this in order to increase your average order value (AOV).

  • Offer some kind of a giveaway. Example: A year’s worth of dog food or something along those lines. There are plenty of ways to try to make this more viral. Encouraging people to spread the word themselves.

  1. Build “us vs. them” type of landing pages. These are great for SEO and would show potential customers why they should pick you over the big brand name competition. Customers already know who your competitors are so might as well give them a reason to chose you.

  2. Dedicated purchase landing pages for single products or for lines of products. If you are pushing any kind of paid traffic, you should be doing it to a dedicated landing page.

  • If you are using any kind of influencers to promote your products, give them a unique landing page that recognizes and welcomes their audience. This one is easy to create in Unbounce and all you have to do for each new promoter is copy the page in a couple of clicks and adjust a bit.
  1. Feedback pages - Talk to your customers and try to understand what they liked, didn’t like, what can be improved, what else they might need.
  • Now with this, it is easy to get lost or focus on the wrong things. Try to look for major trends and things that keep coming up.
  1. Special promotions - Promotions only for existing customers and/or email subscribers leading them to a landing page with a timer and/or other kinds of urgency incentive.

Post Purchase Optimization

  1. Include some kind of a gift/promotional material with each purchase.
  • A sample of another product.
  • Fridge magnets to put on their fridge that would remind them of you and also a few more to give to friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Package it all up in nice, recognizable delivery boxes
  1. Subscriptions - Your business vertical is a great opportunity to tap into subscriptions. Pet food has the great benefit or shortcoming, depending on how you look at it, that it eventually runs out and you have to go buy some more. Offer your current customers or new ones to take care of this pain for them. Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly delivery of their pet’s favorite chow.
  • Product subscriptions remove a lot of friction and in general makes your customer’s life easier. One less thing to worry about.

  • Also, this way you can build in some recurring revenue and that would allow you to plan and have a budget for all the other things you need to do.

Your eCommerce Store

  1. Analytics - In my work with eCommerce stores and digital businesses in general, I’m amazed at how many still don’t have the basic “plumbing” right. Google analytics might be one of your best friends when it comes to understanding where your visitors are coming from, what they look at, how far they go through your purchase funnel and most importantly where you lose them.

  2. SEO - Your store almost doesn’t rank for direct brand searches on Google. Invest in some proper SEO.

  • Also, start building shareable content that you can later re-use as a lead magnet on landing pages: Infographics, cheat sheets, guides, etc.
  1. Design - Proper design plays a huge role in building up trust. Start setting aside a budget to improve your design.

  2. CRO - If/when you have the traffic start investing in conversion rate optimization. Your store’s conversion funnel can be improved and I see a lot of potential leaks in it that need to be addressed.

  3. Amazon - The 1000 pound gorilla in eCommerce. Unmatched source of exposure and potential for sales. However, you shouldn’t be pushing people to it from your site. Try to keep as much control over your customers as possible.

  • You can offer Amazon checkout/payments but everything up until that point should be kept on your own site/funnel.
  1. Email Marketing - Last but not least, one of the best if not the best marketing channel for eCommerce owners. I would advise you to dedicate the necessary resources here to build and engage your email list.

I think this covers a lot of ground and should give you plenty to think about and start implementing, optimizing and testing.



Hi Hristian,

Thanks for you advice. Do you know of any affordable experts that could
help me with some of this?
Natures Replies


Hi Ken,

Affordable is a matter of perspective :slight_smile:

I’m a CRO and Landing Page expert consultant. I can also recommend someone for SEO.

DM me here through the community or you directly schedule a 30min exploratory call here:



Hi Hristian,

Booked your call for Monday at 9am your time (EST) 4pm my time (GMT+2)

Can be Skype: kensphone1 or facetime: 00357 97699126

If you could let me know which it would be useful.