How do you trigger a form submission confirmation popup window through javascript?


We are integrating a Marketo form into one of our landing pages and need to trigger the confirmation window after Marketo redirects back to the landing page. We can set up the code necessary to fire an event after the redirect, but it’s not immediately obvious how to trigger the confirmation window through javascript.

Any ideas?


Hi Jessica - I don’t think it would be possible to trigger the same event that pops the confirmation dialog up when you submit an Unbounce form, since you’re directing to an outside URL and there’s no Unbounce form submission. You could call on the form confirmation URL in a lightbox directly though.

Your page’s form confirmation URL is based on the page’s variant letter but is otherwise the same for any of your pages. For example, if you had two variants, A and C, the URLs for each page’s form confirmation dialog would be:

/a-form_confirmation.html and

Hope this helps!