How do you prevent spam submissions on your landing page form?


I don’t see anyway in unbounce to prevent spam submissions and I haven’t found anything on the support site to suggest how to do that. This morning I got 8 spam submissions (first time).

This alone isn’t a huge deal but then it starts to skew the A/B testing results. The other thing I would like to know now is how to delete the spam leads so that it doesn’t skew the results.


Yes, there needs to be some sort of spam filter. We have taken down a page because of the amount of spam it was receiving.


I am having the same problem. A solution would be wonderful!


Ironic that in order to post a message there is a spam filter/verification process on this forum.

That being said, a spam filter needs to be less cumbersome than the one this forum uses. Very few people will enter their email and THEN check their email and enter a verification code.


I’m got 6 spam submissions in a 24 hour period. Would also like to know how to filter and delete spam submissions from the unbounce database.



I have had the same problem. I think a capcha code plugin would be nice. Right now I can do that by using a huge work around, and adding the HTML manually, but this tool should be all-inclusive.

Please add some kind of verification code tool!


Hey guys, we feel your pain. We’ve been talking more recently about getting some better spam filtering in as soon as possible. Ideally we’ll do as much work as possible behind the scenes to filter out bad submissions so that you don’t need things like capcha (which are often horrible for your conversion rates. )


Is there any update on this topic?


I’d love to hear an update as well.


Hi Dean and Corey–we’ve been focusing our efforts on some new and upcoming features as well as a new page server (which lays the groundwork for a lot of improvements). The page server is launched, dynamic keyword insertion is coming next week, and global scripts and responsive pages are both close. After that, we’ll have more freed up resources for other improvements, including better spam filtering.


Hey all Ñ to give you an update: we recently (on Monday) rolled out a brand new Page Server that is now global in 4 data centres around the world. Along with decreasing page load times, this project has laid the groundwork necessary for us to start tackling SSL and spam/bot filtering, among other projects.


Oke dookie we will be waiting


Quin, I came to this thread because I am seeing spam as well - I think just giving us the ability to delete the lead so that it doesn’t dirty our test result data would be the most important thing (in case that is also easier to implement on your end).



Hi Jake - while you can’t delete the lead information, you can filter problem IPs (and also your own IP that you’re using for testing) from your stats, so they don’t contribute to your conversion rate/confidence score. The IP filter is in the Settings section of your account and you can find more info on it here:…


You may want to try using Wuffo forms it has a few spam features such as smart captcha and limiting entries by ip address