How do you Install LeadBoxes on UB Page! URGENT!


Does anyone know how to install the code from LeadBoxes forms and link an IMAGE (not text!) correctly on an UB page?

Last time I tried this I couldn’t get an image to work… had to make a button a text link over it and do it that way… but there’s gotta be a way to link an image to a LeadBoxes form??

(Better yet, how about UB just install this feature for us: Pop up forms that appear on same page when someone clicks a text link or image?)


Hey Dave!

The good news is this can be done in Unbounce without using LeadBoxes.

Below, is an example of how you would go about setting up a pop up form with a fancybox.

  1. Create a second page in Unbounce that contains the form.

  2. Add an image(s) button to your first page that is set to go to the that URL when clicked. Be sure to select _self for the Target.

  3. Enable the Fancybox for the image(s), which will cause the destination link to open in the lightbox. We have step-by-step instructions images .

We also have instructions for opening lightboxes with buttons and text.

I hope that helps Dave!

PS I’ve also opened up a Support Ticket so we can make sure you’re right on track - check your email!


Ok cool! I actually figured how to install the LB code (don’t ask me how lol)…

I’ll see what kind of box I can create i UB now too.

Thanks again!


Hello Dave, just a followup on the reply you gave, wont this duplicate the visits? every visitor will be consuming 2 visits?