How do you group page elements?


I’d like to select multiple page elements to either group them or move them together. Shift-click is the method used in most Mac design apps, but it doesn’t work with Unbounce’s browser editor.


In my limited experience, the best way to group page elements is to first create a box element. Then, with the box selected, create additional elements like text, images, or custom HTML. The additional elements will be linked to the first box you created, so if you move around the first box, the other elements will move along with it. If you dupe the box, all of the associated elements will be duped as well, and if you delete the box, everything will go with it. Plus, note the position of all elements will be relative to the parent box.


Hey Brian - thanks for chiming in! You’re right about the best way to group elements currently, although a “shift+select” feature is something we will get to shortly.

We also have a whole batch of improvements to the editor that will be coming soon, the biggest of which is the ability to drag and drop elements from one container into a new container. This way if you forgot to create a box first, before you add a few elements, you can create a new box and drag those elements into it. You’ll also be able to drag this box (or individual elements) into a new page section. It should make it way easier to move things around on the page and keep a logical hierarchy of elements.


Another great feature would be to open two layouts side by side so I can copy elements from one layout to another.


Thanks, Brian!