How do you design your landing pages?

Design inspiration is one of the highest consumed (and requested) content here in the community. I’ve met with many customers who have mentioned that they want to see what other people are doing, what’s trending, what’s converting, etc.

Similar to this thread which talks about what tools people use when they’re designing their landing pages, I want to ask:

What’s your process when you design your landing pages?

Here are some concepts to noodle on :brain: as you think of your answer:

  • How often do you use templates, if ever?
  • Do you design from scratch in the builder?
  • Do you design your page in a separate tool and then recreate it in the builder?

Feel free to discuss these questions in the comments below :point_down:

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Want more questions like these?

  • Yes! I love hearing how other folks use Unbounce! :raised_hands: :smiley:
  • Nah, I’m good. :-1: :confused:

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Hey Jess, great question!

Since its easier to show our process than write it out, I made this quick Loom video outlining what we do when designing Unbounce pages at Earnworthy:


:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: THIS IS UNREAL @Nicholas !!!

Do you present this framework to your clients? Or is this an internal roadmap that you use when you’re building pages/campaigns? Every single one of these steps can be broken out into their own education piece for people who are just starting to build out their marketing campaign with landing pages.

Also, love that you mentioned BJ Fogg, here’s a podcast I really like where he talks about behavioural psychology if you’re interested. I hadn’t considered applying these steps to marketing strategies but it makes so much sense! :open_mouth:

I’ve got to share this with our marketing team, this video is solid gold!



Thanks Jess! Yes, we present this in a very simple way depending on the client engagement. Sometimes it adds unnecessary complexity to the conversation though, so it’s not something we share 100% of the time.

Going to check out that podcast for sure!


Thanks for sharing! This is sooo helpful!