How do you delete older images?


Once an image has been uploaded, how do you delete older images that are no longer needed? Will this be part of the asset library spec?


Hi Connect Me - good to hear from you again.

Right now, there is no way to delete older images. We are actually planning a fairly substantial jump-up in our image handling features over the next little while which should clear up this issue and a few others.

btw - I also haven’t forgotten your interest in email notification of form information as well. I am hoping to have an update for you on that before too long.


I 2nd that request…


Hey guys, we’re really late in updating this thread – if you haven’t seen already (we deployed this a number of months ago) there is a red “delete” button on every image when you roll over it in the Image Browser, like this:

You can also delete multiple images at once: hold down either “shift” or “Ctrl (on Windows)” or “Command (on a Mac)” and click multiple images, then click the red delete button up in the toolbar:

Happy deleting!