How do you change a Challenger Page Variant to the Current Champion?


I would like to change a Challenger Page Variant I created to the Current Champion (and actually delete the Current Champion altogether.) As far as I can tell, if I delete a page, it deletes all of the variants as well. I tried duplicating the page but it only created a copy of the Current Champion (not the variant) and that is actually the page I am trying to get rid of. Thanks for your help.


Hmmm. The current gear menu only gives me the ability to “Edit” “Duplicate” or “Discard” the Variant. (There is no “Demote” option.) NOTE: The url for my current domain is incorrect (It is missing the ‘www’ at the beginning so perhaps this is why the “Demote” option is not showing up??? I e-mailed UnBounce support last night [as was suggested in a previously answered forum question] and asked that my domain be corrected but nothing has been updated as of yet. Is this the problem?


I’m very sorry your custom domain support request wasn’t handled sooner. I actually don’t see any email from you last night, are you sure you sent it to At any rate, I have added “www” to your custom domain, but the CNAME still appears to be pointing at “”.

However, your domain will not have anything to do with this promote/demote issue. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Give the challenger that you want to promote a weight (they are currently both 0%)
  2. Re-publish the page
  3. Now you should see a “Promote to Champion” option in the challenger variant’s gear menu

There is no ‘demote’ option, but by promoting a challenger you are essentially demoting the champion.

Again, sorry for the unintuitive experience on this one, we’ll tidy that up soon. Does this solve your problem though?


Thank you Carter. Problem solved! BTW: I re-checked the e-mail I sent last night and I actually sent it to so that waws my screw up. Sorry about that. Thanks again for your help!


Hi Monica,
The trick is to publish your page first. Once your page is published, you can promote a challenger to become champion by clicking on that variant’s “gear menu”. Once the champion has been demoted, you can discard it altogether.

There are a few unintuitive usability issues around this that we’re aware of, sorry for any frustration it caused. We’ll be improving this flow in the near future.