How do I use Woopra to capture form completions?



I’m tracking page views no problem and I’m pulling in customer information but it’s incorrect at the moment.

The customer name I’m pulling into Woopra (via unbounce confirmation page) is listed as full_name, I need a little help to get the format right to capture the details. I’m sure it’s just a small formatting problem but I need some assistance.

This is how I am capturing full_name at the moment;

 or after authentication. (Important: Update these values) */ <br /><br /> woopra.identify({ <br />
  email: 'email_address', <br />
  name: 'full_name', <br /><br /> }); <br /><br /> // The identify code should be added before the "track()" function <br /> woopra.track(); <br /> </script>```


Hi Duncan - I’m not entirely familiar with this Woopra tracking code, but I’ve opened up a support ticket so we can dig in a bit further for you. Look out for my email shortly!


@Quinn any update in this case? How to send Unbounce form data to Woopra?


Hi Bartek - Duncan and I worked it out. Because of the way Woopra’s tracking works, it was a bit more complicated than we initially thought it might be and It does require some custom coding.

Woopra will track anonymous visits by default, but you need some custom code to dynamically populate their tracking code if you want that tracking to be attached to a certain user and that needs to be done after the user identifies themselves.

The most straight forward way to do that, would be to place the Woopra tracking on Unbounce form confirmation dialog and then add some custom Javascript that grabs the form submission info from the confirmation page’s URL parameters, since we pass the form submission data through to the confirmation page in that format.

You’ll need to make sure that Javascript fires before Woopra’s code as well.

Duncan was working with a developer, so he just took that info and ran with it–I’m not sure what his results were though.


@Quinn - it’s working: