How do I use SSL on a CNAME subdomain redirect?


Hi! New here and new to web stuff, although I’m pretty good with tech. Point me in the right direction, and I’ll get it figured out!

I’ve got my CNAME setup to point to my client’s subdomain, but while the root domain has SSL, it won’t apply to the subdomain. What step am I missing?


X.509 certificates (often called “SSL Certificates”) are usually only bound to a single domain, usually “”, “” or “”. They cannot be used on any other domain name, even if it’s a subdomain (so a certificate for “” cannot be used for “” and vice-versa).

There currently exist 2 other types of certificates which can be used to simultaneously secure multiple domain names simultaneously:

A relatively new type of certificate called an “SAN Certificate” - short for “Subject Alternative Name” - also sometimes called “Unified Communications Certificates” after a feature in Microsoft Exchange Server which requires this certificate type. These certificates declare a finite list of hostnames they can be used against.

Then there’s wildcard certificates. Historically these were very expensive but recently we’ve seen a huge drop in price. With one of these certs you can secure “” including the top-level “”.

Without either of these SSL certificates you’ll need to get an SSL cert for each domain name you want to secure.


Hey @klawzeus!

Alyssa here from the Customer Success team at Unbounce!

SSL here at Unbounce is automatically enabled on your pages if you are on a Pro99 plan or above :slight_smile: we do the hardwork so you don’t have to! You can find some more infomation here on this:

Sometimes life isn’t smooth sailing and if the CNAME hasn’t propogated or if the CNAME record was added after the record in the Unbounce application, SSL can fail. If that has happened just reach out to us at and we will be more than happy to look in to what is happening there for you and set it back on the right path! :smiley: