How do I track in GA how many times an embedded Youtube video was played?


I have a youtube video embedded on my unbounce landing page and I’d like to track the number of times it was played in Google Analytics. How would I set this up?


Hi there Temmy! - Tracking YouTube videos is kind of a tricky thing to do with analytics. Luckily the wonderful folks over at Lunametrics has streamlined the process and created a solution that automatically tracks all videos being played on your page. Check it out:…

There are a couple things you may want to keep in mind when using this solution.

First is that this was developed with ‘Classic Analytics’ in mind. So this likely doesn’t work well with ‘Universal Analytics’.

Second, is they require you to use a updated version of jQuery, meaning you’ll want to uncheck the ‘jQuery 1.4.2 box’ in your javascript box on Unbounce.


Or you could use (free for a limited number of videos). They position themselves as Professional video hosting built specifically for business. They provide detailed statistics on individual viewings of your video.