How do I the background fixed and tiled?


Hi, I hope someone can help here!

Instead of using a template I started using the builder and I’m trying to make my background picture completely fixed so that all page sections move on top of it up and down but I can’t manage to make it happen! I _ve been looking into css codes but the only one I found is the one to make the background full screen which is not what I want.

Can anyone help?


Hi Gabriel,

We should be able to help out with this! I just wanted to ask some clarifying questions first though so I make sure I’m giving you the correct answer.

Are you trying to simply create a fixed background that doesn’t move? Or are you trying to create an effect similar to Parallax scrolling? (example:…)


I am looking to create the parallax scrolling effect on my page…suggestions?


Thanks for clarifying!

Our EMW designer achieved this with some custom JavaScript and CSS. As this solution is built on using custom code, I hope you’ll understand that we’re not really able to share with you the exact details of how he got it working. That being said, there are plenty of jQuery parallax plugins around. With a little JavaScript wizardry you should be able to achieve a similar effect pretty easily.