How do I tell which of my users created a certain page?


Is there a way to tell basic information about a page, such as the author, time/date of creation, last changes, etc? We collaborate on our landing pages and it would be good to be able to track changes at least on a very basic level.


Hi Ben - right now, while we do offer multi-user support, we don’t provide a way to track who has last made a change to a page.

Longer term, it is something we’re looking into. Our UX team is currently exploring different ways to upgrade the apps overall interface, potentially including a change log.

What sort of info would you want at minimum? And also ideally?


Thanks, Quinn.

At a minimum I would like all the info that you can typically see of documents in a file folder; such as:

created by, created date, last modified date, last modified by, size - and to see this info for each variant separately.

Ideally, I would also like to track changes in a log and be able to revert to a specific state. I use Google docs for a lot of collaboration, and I really like how granular I can get with the change log. Also, being able to see which of my team members are currently editing which document is such a great collaboration tool. Finally, the ability to add notes to a particular project would be amazing.



Awesome. Thanks, Ben!

I’ll make sure our Product team gets your feedback. I’m also going to go ahead and change this thread from a Question to an Idea, so if anyone else is keen on the same feature, they can upvote it.


I did find notes, by the way - but not very prominently displayed… still helpful, though!


Ah, yes. Sorry–I was just thinking of automated tracking, so mentioning page notes, didn’t even dawn on me. Glad you found it in the interim!


We’ve come across the need for at least a “Created date” for each variant (possibly by the “Updated” text beneath the variant name?). That would help quickly gauge how long a test has been running in case you had to make a small fix sometime after you published a page.