How do I send a downloadable via email to my leads from my landing page?


I am looking to be able to automate an email to my leads after they fill out a form on my landing page that contains the giveaway or downloadable that I promised them. As of now, I am just sending them to a URL that contains a download function. I want to be able to send it straight to them in pdf form. Is this possible?


Hey Ahston!

The best way to do this is via automation through mailchimp or ActiveCampaign, both integrate natively with Unbounce :wink:

Let me know if this helps!


Hi Stefano,

I have my integration in place but I am having a hard time finding and understanding how to make my form on my landing page tricker the email being sent to the lead. How do I embed the link or integration in to triggering when someone completes the form?



Hey Ashton,

Sorry for butchering your name on my last reply :joy:

What service are you using for your automation?

At the bottom of your unbounce page dashboard, you’ll see all available native integrations.


No problem! It happens all the time.

I am using Mailchimp for my integration. I set that up and chose my list and created my template in Mailchimp. But now, I’m having a hard time connecting the button on my landing page to the mailchimp email.


Hi Ashton,

The way this will work is through a form. Once the visitor completes the form, they’ll be automatically integrated into the mailchimp list.

If you set up your automation correctly, they should receive the automated e-mail you prepared.

If you could provide me with a URL to your landing page (here or in private) I can have a closer look.