How Do i Make a Triangle Element?


How Do i Make a Triangle Element?


Hi Khaled! So far, there’s no way to make a triangle element in our app unfortunately! Here’s a good free resource for triangles though:

Hope that helps!


Any update on this issue ? 

The noun project is a great source but only handles black and white…

Thanks !


Hi Adrien! Welcome to unbounce.

There is still no way to create a triangle element within the builder, however I would be more than happy to create one for you! Any size, colour or style… just let me know!

Shoot me an e-mail: stefano[at]


Stefano Apostolakos



Stefano is a rockstar and I would take him up on his offer. 

However, if you download an icon from the noun project as a .SVG you can easily manipulate the color, size, etc. 

I recommend using Sketch for designing and icon modifications.