How do i make a button go to a section on the page?


At the end of my page  I have a second call to action button - but i need it to go to a place higher up on my site. ie. scroll up to a certain point in the page. How do i set the button to do this?


Hey, best way is to use Bookmarks. Find an element in the part of the page you want to send them to (an image, headline, etc) and find it’s ID. This should be under the Element Metadata section on the right hand side. It will be something like #lp-pom-text-215 and you can change that if you wish. Then the button further down just needs to have it’s destination as “#lp-pom-text-215” or if you prefer. You can change the ID to anything you like too - which might be worth doing as the URL will be visible to your visitors.