How do I integrate PayPal or Stripe payments to Unbouce Landing Pages


My ideal situation

I have a registration form on my landing pages. When they click submit, they will first be prompted to make the payment. Only after they make the payment and then click submit will they get the thank you for registering message and their registration information will flow through to me.

My IT person came up with a solution for me using stripe payments and html code. It worked for a while, but then stopped prompting folks to pay. Now the same solution completes the registration and then prompts them to pay at which point they can just close the payment box.

I have done all kinds of research and the bext I can come up with is an unbounce “expert” named Hristian sharing a link to their company solution that you have to pay for. I don’t want to pay someone else, I want to learn how to do it myself. If I cannot figure it out, I may need to find an alternate, easier to use landing page solution.


Hi Renee,

I work with Unbounce on a daily basis. While I have never completed an integration like what you’re describing, here’s a few ideas.

  1. You may need to accept that some registrations will not be complete. These users may not want to commit to paying you yet, or they may have been confused.
  2. You could reach out to incomplete registrations via e-mail, if that’s one of your fields on the form. These users may need more information to complete their transaction, and you could build out a second landing page for these users. This may bring in additional revenue if these users would have previously bailed.
  3. If your previous solution was working and has stopped working, what changed? Do you need to refresh the stripe or paypal ID?

Unbounce experts are a great resource, as well as the community. Hopefully someone with direct experience with a payment system will be able to add some more details, but this may give you a place to start. If you want additional help, I can look into your specific issue for you, send me a message!