How do I identify the correct full HTML Form Action = URL?


It seems that a lot of affiliate marketing promotional pages use Unbounce, and it seems they all follow this pattern for the Action attribute of the page’s submission forms:

form action="/fsg?pageId=ExamplePageID&variant=a" method=“POST”

So the form action url always begins with “/fsg?” no matter what company is using Unbounce.

I had assumed this meant the full url would simply consist of the actual page url on which the form is appearing, followed by the “/fsg?..” part. My understanding was that if you wanted to copy and host the form somewhere else yourself on a different domain and server, all you would have to do to make sure the form worked properly is add the full original source page location url to the new form action code. So for instance, if you copied the form code from here:

But you want to host a copy of the form over here:

All you have to do (I thought) is make the form action attribute like this while hosting a copy on

form action=“” method=“POST”

However, upon testing I am finding this is not so and it’s not working. So how do I determine what the full correct original submission url is so that I can copy form code to a remote site and still have the data submitted to the correct submission location? Is this correct submission url hidden in the Unbounce page HTML somewhere for instance and I simply did not find it? Should it perhaps be an Unbounce server url and not the original source page url where the form actually first appeared?